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About Best Buy Pre-Owned 


Here at Best Buy Pre-Owned we pride ourselves on offering quality pre-owned vehicles below market prices.  The auto sales industry is ever changing so to remain relevant we must change with it.  Best Buy Pre-Owned opened it's doors in 2009.  Growth through the years has required location changes.  In late 2015 we moved to our current facility.  We are located in Manheim, Pa next to the World’s largest auto auction.  With relationships formed through the years with large wholesalers we now have the ability to offer more vehicles then ever before.  Some months we will have well over 100 vehicles for sale through retail and wholesale markets.


Best Buy Pre-Owned may offer the same quality inventory as larger dealerships but our prices are seldom the same.  We do not have the overhead that our competitors have.  Larger dealerships with huge properties that are overstaffed with employees have unimaginable monthly expenses.  Best Buy Pre-Owned is streamlined with limited expenses.  Lower overhead translates to lower sale prices for our customers.

Best Buy Pre-Owned relies on a large volume of units sold each month to be successful in this competitive business.  We are a One Price Dealership.  We have eliminated the need to haggle over prices.  Our BEST price is our advertised price.  There are absolutely no hidden fees associated with buying a vehicle from Best Buy Pre-Owned.  There is never a fee to run credit.  We offer financing options available to all types of credit but you are not required to finance with us to get our advertised price.  We do accept trades.  And we will aid in the shipping process if it is required.


We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the BEST vehicles, BEST prices, and BEST service in town.  John E Romano, Owner, Best Buy Pre-Owned